Riding East until the money runs out …..




A plotter, schemer and all round dreamer, Lottie has been planning this trip since she watched Ewan and Charlie ride off into the sunset in the first episode of the ‘Long Way Round.’ Highly organised she is the brains (and the beauty) behind the expedition, researching visa requirements, border closures, motorcycle documents and so on.

She has been riding a Bandit 600 for the past seven years, and before starting the trip had very little off road experience. Now riding round the world on her trusty XR400, she can be found tacking small dirt tracks through remote mountain valleys and swimming in mud puddles when she (inevitably) falls off!




As a retired wind farm engineer Ryan is looking forward to lecturing the people of the world about the benefits of renewable energy,  why we shouldn’t eat beef, and why snakes are evil.

Before the trip, he rode a Honda Hornet 600, and despite having as little off-road experience as Lottie, he is significantly more mad, and therefore will throw his bike (and body) at the most difficult tracks he can find! Ryan is the navigator, crazy road planner and adventure seeker.